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This Project is funded by the European Union.

About the Project

Civil Society Dialogue (CSD)

The Negotiation Framework document and “Civil Society Dialogue”, which forms the basis of Turkey's accession negotiations with the European Union (EU), is regarded as a crucial part of the negotiation process conducted on the basis of the Copenhagen political criteria and the EU acquis. The civil society dialogue stands out as an important step towards strengthening social and cultural dialogue and ensuring Turkey's social integration into Europe, eliminating prejudice and doubts that exist between Turkey and the EU.

The European Commission has indicated that it will support a strong, deep and continuous dialogue between the EU and candidate countries, including EU institutions, in 2005, with the communion of "Civil Society Dialogue Between the European Union and The Candidate Countries". With this strategy, the EU; help its citizens to have more prior knowledge about the different cultures of candidate countries, the political and economic systems, the provision of mutual understanding and exchange of information, thus the opportunities and difficulties that may arise with new memberships. The Civil Society Dialogue Programme between Turkey and the EU with financial support of the EU, it was designed as a platform for communities to recognise each other, exchange mutual knowledge and establish lasting dialogue over non-governmental organizations (NGOS) from Turkey and EU member countries a common topic by the Directorate of EU Affairs (in that times the General Secretariat of the European Union) in 2006. The first application of the program, which has been running for more than 10 years, started in 2008.

You can find detailed information about the Civil Society Dialogue Project at www.civilsocietydialogue.org

Fifth Phase (2019-2020)

Between Turkey and the EU, which has been implemented in the second period of 2014-2020 years of the IPA, the Civil Society Dialogue is in the fifth phase (CSD-V) as part of Turkey and the EU member/EU candidate countries will jointly implement the 40 dialogue project with a total of 7 million euro support is provided. The grants area focuses on dialogue development and collaboration, but also works on social issues aimed at disadvantaged groups such as disabled people, elderly people and refugees. The projects are applied in areas such as gender equality, education, health, agriculture, food and the environment. 32 of the coordinator beneficiaries of the projects are from Turkey, 7 from EU member countries (4 in Italy, 2 in Greece, 1 in Poland) and 1 in Bosnia and Herzegovina (which is a candidate country).