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This Project is funded by the European Union.

About the Project

Project Partners

Packaged Dairy Products Association of Turkey - ASÜD

Packaged Dairy Products Association of Turkey (ASÜD), established by the industrialists in the dairy sector, has become the largest civil society organization of dairy sector in Turkey representing most of the actors in the sector.

The main mission of our association is to support the sustainable growth of the sector and to contribute to the formation of a production chain that meets the nutritional needs of our and assuring the “safe food” principles.

We believe that the development of our country in every field will take place on the day of achieving the "sustainable rural development" goals. At this point, our farmers, which are the most important link in the chain, and especially "contributing to the development of our agricultural population employed in dairy production" are the main objectives of our association.

As a member of the International Dairy Federation (IDF), our Association has taken the first step towards the announcement of our country's voice in international platforms, increasing our lobbying capacity and removing barriers to our exports.

ASÜD is the coordinator beneficiary of the project " Water Sustainability of The Turkish Dairy Sector: Efficiency, Risks and Vulnerabilities".

Detailed information about ASUD can be reached at www.asuder.org.tr

Climate Research Association (İAD)

Climate Research Association (Iklim Araştırmaları Derneği-IAD), established in end of 2016 in Ankara, is a nonprofit organization bringing knowledge and expertise on a wide range of topics about climate change and its impacts on economy, society and environment. Core expertise of IAD, through its founding members, includes climate change mitigation and adaptation, water management and policy, disaster and risk management, urban planning, economy, social studies and environmental policy. Focus areas of work include water&carbon footprints, climate change strategy & action plan, supply chain risk assessment, hard & soft climate resilience solutions for public institutions, municipalities and private firms. IAD promotes a multi-disciplinary approach on finding smart and sustainable solutions for mitigating the adverse impacts of the climate change.”

Detailed information about ASUD can be reached at www.iklim.org.tr

International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF)

IBLF Global is independent NGO and registered as charity, supported by companies, foundations and government agencies.

IBLF Global is an independent not-for-profit organisation with the mission to promote economic development in emerging markets by engaging with business in practical collective action projects to raise business standards and help create a culture of integrity.

IBLF Global’s mission is to engage in development activities around the world, thereby contributing to sustainable economic growth, raising business standards and influencing social development. Through our Collective Action, partnerships, educational and thought leadership projects, we work with companies around the world to encourage responsible business in the markets in which they are operating.

For detailed information about the organization you can visit www.iblf.org

Water FootprInt Network (WFN)

Water Footprint Network (WFN) is an international NGO based in the Netherlands with a mission to promote the transition toward sustainable, fair and efficient use of fresh water resources worldwide, using the water footprint concept. Founded as a non-profit, multi-stakeholder network, WFN aims to facilitate partners in initiating activities, sharing best-practices and developing tools and materials that help reach our shared mission.

Hereto, WFN coordinates and advances five overarching main activities:

  1. Network and Exchange;
  2. Awareness Raising;
  3. Capacity Building;
  4. Knowledge and Data Dissemination;
  5. Influencing Policy and Practice.

For an overview of our Partners and Professionals, our rich databases of publications, data and educational materials and more, you can visit www.waterfootprint.org