Bu Proje Avrupa Birliği tarafından finanse edilmektedir.
This Project is funded by the European Union.

About the Project

Project Information

Within the scope of the 5th phase of CSD, more than 500 project has applied for funding and our project proposal "Water Sustainability of the Turkish Dairy Sector: Efficiency, Risks and Vulnerabilities" has been one of 40 project eligible for financing. ASÜD was main applicant of the project with three partners; the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF) from the United Kingdom, the Water Footprint Network (WFN) from the Netherlands, and the Climate Research Association from Turkey are as co-applicants. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry - Directorate General of Livestock, IZKA (Izmir Development Agency), USK (National Milk Council), TGDF (Federation of Food and Drink Industry Associations of Turkey), TürkiyemBir (Turkish Association of Feed industrialists) and Tire Milk Cooperative are supporters of our project.

Our project is mainly aimed at establishing a dialogue for identifying climate and water born risks and assessing the impacts on the value chain. Project also aims to establish a sustainable dialogue between Turkish and EU partners to benefit from experience of EU in order to reduce the vulnerabilities of the Turkish dairy sector. Project beneficiaries will be smallholder farmers, dairy cooperatives, dairy plants and other sectors relying on dairy products.

During 15 months of activities;

  • Field visits and researches to be carried out in the whole value chain of the current water consumption in the Turkish dairy industry (feed, livestock breeding, dairy products production and delivery to the consumer) water dependence and the milk sectors’ impact on the resources,
  • Evaluation and mapping of water vulnerabilities of the dairy industry,
  • Considering the best practices in EU countries and Turkey on water efficiency, legislation, policies and strategic approach, and developing policy proposals through benchmarking application in partner countries and Turkey,
  • Preparation of a guideline for smallholder farmers and dairy plants for assessing the water reliance and best practices to increase water efficiency in milk and dairy production.

modules will be implemented.

Project activities are summarized below.

  • Establishment of the Project Team and start working
  • Preparation project web site, social media accounts, and other visibility materials
  • Kick-off meeting in Ankara
  • Analysis of the current state of water use in the dairy sector in Turkey
  • Assessment and mapping the vulnerabilities of the dairy sector
  • Preparation of Benchmarking Report
  • Workshop with key stakeholders in Ankara
  • Study visit to the UK
  • Training and workshop in Izmir
  • Visit to the Netherland and a media briefing
  • Preparing a policy paper
  • Preparation of water efficiency guideline for dairy industry
  • Closure meeting and Press Conference in Ankara
  • Project finalization and closing budget activities.