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This Project is funded by the European Union.


June 26, 2019 Kickoff Workshop

Our kickoff workshop, on 26 June 2019 at Ankara Point Hotel started with the welcome speech of Harun Çallı, Chairman of ASÜD. After opening speech of A.Hakan Atik, the Head of the Department of Project Implementation of the Directorate for EU Affairs and Zekeriyya Erdurmuş, General General Directorate of Livestock of the Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Agriculture And Forestry, project team was informed to the participants about our project.

In the last part of our workshop, Prof. Dr. Dr. Gürsel Dellal chaired the panel entitled “Evaluation of Milk and Dairy Sector from the Climate Change Perspective ". The panelists were Assoc. Dr. Gökşen Çepar, Assoc. Dr. Salih Karaçatlı, Birol Delibaş, Bekir Taşkaldıran and Mehmet Sönmezalp.